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Disclosure Policy

Wondering what this blog is all about and if there is an agenda to our work here? Well this is where you will find those answers.

We at Holistic Families Association hold ourselves to very high standards of integrity, honesty, and transparency in our life and work. Therefore, you can always know to expect such standards here in our work on Holistic-Families.com.

Currently, Holistic-Families.com is run by three strong Christian women who have a passion for educating and empowering families in holistic living and parenting. We strive to provide the most accurate, up-to-date, and beneficial information and resources on the topics we cover here. We consider ourselves lifetime learners, as we are always reading and researching. We each love to research topics we are interested in. We dig and keep digging as much as we can. We seek the truth of the topics and products we are interested in. We want to know about the company, the owners, the investors, what the company supports; if the products are safe, non-toxic, healthy, all-natural, and beneficial to us and our families. We want to know their sources, resources, credentials, certifications, and affiliations. We want to know that they are a company with integrity offering a pure product that is safe for our families. If it is not, then we will let you know, and we will tell you why. We seek to provide safe, quality, and healthful information, resources, and recipes here for our readers. We will not take an opinion based on common popularity. We will happily state our honest opinions of what we research and speak on, even if many do not agree. Here you will find integrity, honesty, and transparency, always.

This blog is owned and operated by Holistic Families Association. All content is presented by our choice. All views and opinions presented here are solely those who are employed or members of Holistic Families Association. We are not paid to run this blog by any outside entity, person, business, or organization.

On occasions, we may get compensated (monetarily or with free product) to post about a product or topic. However, you will always know this with the presence of a disclosure statement at the beginning of the post. You will always receive our honest, unbiased opinion. Monetary compensation will not influence our opinion, nor our willingness to share our opinion, of a product or topic. It is your responsibility, as a consumer and reader, to verify with the manufacturer or provider any claims, statistics, or representation made about a product or service.

Throughout our blog you will find affiliate links to products and services, including items listed on Amazon.com, that we hold in high regard, and, therefore, wish to recommend to our families, friends, and readers. We are compensated for purchases made through these affiliate links. The monetary gain from these affiliate links help support our families and compensate us (a little) for our time and dedication to quality and thorough research and our honest opinions on all topics presented here.

Our blog, also, accepts cash advertising and sponsorship. These avenues of compensation help support the continuation of this blog and the quality resources and information we are able to provide you.

There will never be any content on this site that might present a conflict of interest.

It is required by law through the FTC that we inform you of the above mentioned potential monetary compensations or free product compensations. However, regardless of it being the law, we feel it is, also, the honest thing to do; informing our readers of when we are being compensated for something we are promoting on our site. When compensations influence this site’s content it will be clearly identifiable as an advertisement, or labeled as a sponsored post.

Here on our site, when freebies are given to be reviewed, if it is conducive to do so, and/or if the item is in good condition (i.e. a book, planner, etc.),  we will give the item(s) away in a giveaway once they have been reviewed.

Sure, we would prefer that we could purchase all the products we’d like to review and/or giveaway. That would certainly be most ideal for us. Unfortunately, that is cost prohibited. Therefore, there is occasion when accepting a freebie compensation for a review is beneficial to many. It would be beneficial to you, the reader, to get an experienced and trusted opinion on something. It would be beneficial to us to also get an experienced opinion that we trust on something. The bonus, someone out there following our blog gets the reward of the review by winning the freebie if it is able to be given away! That means a lot to us, to be able to give to our community in so many ways.

We will always believe that there is no greater form of marketing than via word-of-mouth. We believe in building quality relationships with our readers, providing trusted opinions, and developing our own unique identity here on the web. So, when you find something here that you love, please, continue to share it with others. Tell them to come check out Holistic-Families.com and learn about holistic living and parenting.


Holistic Families Association

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