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Leigh Anne DuChene, BS, LMT, TNP, Founder of Holistic Families Association in 2017, and the original organization DFW Holistic Families in 2007.

Hi, I am Leigh Anne DuChene. I am a grateful child of God, chiropractor’s wife, and homeschooling mama of 3 sprightly boys. After attending chiropractic school for a couple years and having two children while in school, I decided to return home to the calling of my heart, full-time motherhood. My journey into holistic living started in 2003 and gradually got deeper until in 2006 when we found out we were pregnant with our oldest, it was “all-in” at that point. No other way was an option for me. I researched everything to learn, inform myself, and discover what was truly the most natural, holistic, non-toxic, and safest options for living, raising my family and parenting. I am blessed with a husband who has always been on the same page as me with everything in our family and parenting-style choices, and has learned and grown with me along the way. In 2008, my husband, Joseph DuChene, Jr., graduated from chiropractic school and we opened our chiropractic office in Dallas, DuChene Natural Health Center, PLLC. Through our practice I offer my services as a traditional naturopathic practitioner, nutritionist, bio-energetic bodyworker, myofascial release therapist,  homeopath, herbalist, and aromatherapist.



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